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Window Solutions

Ross Gaudy House

You do not have to be on the historic register to deserve to have your house maintained with quality, and attention to historic detail.  We believe every period
house is historically significant.

Store Front Restoration

We have done restoration work for museums, churches and businesses, as well as residences in Glendale, Wyoming, Avondale, Hyde Park, Oakley, Norwood, Northside, Reading, Lockland and Arlington Heights.

roof door
Architectural Art Glass
Historical Restoration

We provide:


We provide repair, restoration and  fabrication  of exterior/interior trim, storefronts, porches, furniture and custom cabinetry.

Window Repair and Restoration

We provide an extensive range of services, from small repairs such as re-roping, re-glazing, and wood sash repair, to complete restoration.  

Storm Windows and Sash Fabrication

We will fabricate custom storm windows or sash for any size or shape of window.  We offer specialty glass allowing for increased insulation or blockage of UV rays.  We also offer other amenities such as brass screens and period hardware.

Custom Doors

We support the efforts of do it your-self'ers by supplying woodworking and window restoration supplies such as rope, various types of glass, tools, and screen material.

Are you experiencing any of these problems with your windows?

  • Windows that won't open

  • Windows that won't close

  • Rotting wood

  • Water leaks and chilling drafts

  • Unnecessarily high energy bills

  • Noise from the street

  • Fogging and condensation

  • Rattling Glass

Historic New Richmond

Would you love to open your windows on a spring day and let the breezes in?

Do you love the beauty of your period windows? 

Would you like to find a way to keep them and achieve the energy efficiency of modern replacement windows ? 

Would you like more information to compare the longevity of  windows to modern replacement windows ?

We provide solutions for your wooden windows.

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