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Window Solutions

Ross Gaudy House

Energy Efficiency

A properly maintained and sealed historic window with the addition of a storm window will provide comparable energy efficiency to modern replacement windows.
Why keep your wooden period windows ?
Esthetic Appeal
Your windows were built with tremendous quality.  They esthetically match the architecture of your home.  They provide charm and character, as well as function.  Manufactured replacement windows will not be able to provide as direct a match as your original windows.
Properly maintained, your original windows will last the life of your home.  They are probably built with old growth timber that was almost completely harvested from areas such as Kentucky and West Virginia by the turn of the century.  The second growth timber  that is used in any modern window is not as strong or durable as these old logs.

Replacement windows typically have a thirty year life, on the outside.

Methods of carpentry and joinery used in pre-post war construction are superior to modern factory window methods.  Mortise and tenon joinery was the typical method.  Your windows are made with methods superior in quality to most high end furniture that is marketed today.
Window Repair and Restoration Services

We provide an extensive range of repair services, such as re-roping, re-glazing, and wood sash repair, to complete restoration.  

With complete restoration, we take your windows back to the original condition in which they were installed.  This process involves several steps.  First, we remove the old paint and putty from the window.  As windows are repaired with putty over time, the old putty becomes cracked and unsightly, compromising the seal between the glass and the sash.  Removing the old putty and starting from scratch creates a beautiful straight line which will be very pleasing when painted and will create a very tight seal.  Next, the wood sash is checked for any imperfections and repaired. Finally, the sashes are sanded, coated with linseed oil, re-glazed and painted.  

We will personally evaluate your windows to determine the appropriate work needed to maintain or restore them, based on your preferences and goals.  We will develop a strategy based on your time frame and your budget.

If you are planning to renovate or redecorate, it is a good idea to plan your window repairs prior to starting this process.  With many types of repairs, the sash have to be removed.  Also, there is a logical order of repair.  Therefore, it is best to plan your window strategy in conjunction with other projects in your house.
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